시천주 restaurant **CLOSED**


***Edit: This location has closed***


I have been to this charming little restaurant in Insadong a few times. I was introduced to it by a friend about a year ago, and now whenever I’m in the area, I like to pop in for a meal.


I love Korean traditional side dishes (나물). This restaurant uses very fresh ingredients and everything is delicious. They use the best quality seasonal produce, so each time I visit I get it enjoy something new. For this meal, there were 6 different side dishes. My friend and I gobbled them up and asked for more. It was her first visit and she was very impressed with the food.


I ordered the 된장백반 (fermented soy bean paste stew) and my friend had the 나물비빔밥 (veggie mixed rice). She wanted to try the green tea cold noodles, but they were all out… Maybe next time.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is so lovely. It is inside a traditional Korean house with beautiful wooden details. The lighting is dim and there are walls and curtains separating the different eating areas so you can feel a sense of intimacy while eating your meal. It’s was so relaxing there that we chatted for a while after our meal because we didn’t want to leave.

The location is right off the main Insadong road on a quiet alley. It’s quite close to Anguk Station (line 3). Check out the map below.


Unfortunately, I only had my very old iPhone with me, so the quality of the camera paired with the dim lighting did not do much to make the food look appealing. I should carry my camera with me more often.


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