Fermentation…part 2

I was inspired to make my own sauerkraut after our teacher said we should make some as our “homework.” I had actually been wanting to make my own sauerkraut for over a year, but I was worried that I would make myself sick. Leaving vegetables on the counter top for a few weeks just seemed like a bad idea to me 😉 Plus, I didn’t know what sauerkraut was supposed to taste like. How would I know if it was safe or not?

The universe responded to my curiosity in the form of a poster offering a Fermentation Workshop for the very next Monday. I signed up and now feel that I can be a confident fermenter 🙂

fermented veggies

In the workshop, we made three types of Lacto-Fermented Vegetables: Kimchi, Garlic Dill Green Beans and Sauerkraut. (See photo above)

They were simple to make, but most importantly delicious.

Check out these links if you are interested in some recipes and inspiration:


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