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Coexistance – Vegan Cafe **CLOSED**

*** Edit: This cafe no longer exists***

Just before Chuseok I entered a Facebook contest to win a free cake from Coexistence Vegan Cafe. I didn’t win a whole cake, but luckily won a slice πŸ™‚ Because seriously, if I won a whole cake that would be very dangerous. So, yesterday I took a friend out to enjoy lunch and a slice of cake.

I feel like recently there have been so many vegan restaurants closing in Seoul. Even though I’m not a vegan, 95% of my diet is plant-based. So hearing about the restaurants closing makes me feel very sad. I love having those options to go to because Korean food tends to be very meat based.


One special characteristic of this restaurant is that the profits are donated to the animal welfare organization CARE. The space of this restaurant is quite large. Since we went during the day, it wasn’t very busy. So this would be a great place to come to solo to focus on work, or as a group to just chill for a while. My friend and I were there almost 2 hours!

The menu at Coexistance has a large assortment of hot drinks and smoothies, and the meals are all a variation of a burger. I didn’t know what type of food to expect before going, and since veggie burgers aren’t very common in Korea, I was very pleased. I wanted to try the burger with the most toppings, so I chose the Premium Triple Burger with a side salad. My friend got the Basil Pesto Burger with fries.


The Premium Triple Burger has their handmade patty, a hash brown, grilled eggplant and tofu, plus delicious veggies. The sauces on the burger are what took it to the next level. Creamy tartar sauce, fragrant basil and mustard combined to perfectly flavour the burger. The side salad was excellent as well. It was a nice mix of greens with just the right amount of dressing. The price was 8,500 won.


My friend really enjoyed her basil pesto burger. Β The fries were crispy and topped with a vegan parmesan and served with dipping sauce. This meal was 6,000 won.


And here is the cake! It was chocolate with green tea icing. It was super yummy. And the vegan ice cream flavours were chocolate, blueberry and maple. I don’t get to have vegan ice cream often so this was really special for me.


An added bonus to Coexistance Cafe is that you can bring your dog! They have a separate indoor dining area that you can bring your dog to. And, that upstairs of the cafe is a dog shelter, so you can also check that out while you are in the area. Just don’t bring your baby. They don’t allow babies.Β I’m not sure about small children.



Coexistance (λΉ„κ±΄μΉ΄νŽ˜ 곡쀀) is located near Dapsimni Station on line 5 (station number 542). Take exit 4, walk straight until you hit the first major intersection. Turn left and walk about 10 minutes until you see a yellow building. The cafe will be on your left.



λ™λŒ€λ¬Έκ΅¬ 닡십리동 267-2 (267-2, Dapsipli-dong, Dongdaemun-gu)Seoul, South Korea


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