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A friend of mine introduced me to the brand Lush about 4 years ago. My first purchase included the basics – the purple shampoo, conditioner and a body wash. After trying these products, I was instantly hooked. Shopping at Lush has become an addiction of mine. My bedtime routine feels like a mini spa session with their products. I love that their products are cruelty-free, use ethically sourced ingredients and are natural. Any ingredients applied topically to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream, so what you put onto your body is as important as what you put into your body. Check out the Environmental Working Group website for a list of ingredients to avoid.



While walking with my roommate up to Namsan Tower, we passed by the LUSH Spa. It was my first time hearing that a spa dedicated to Lush products existed, so on our way back home we popped into the shop to ask questions. Since the Kyunglidan-gil shop is smaller and not as busy, they don’t always have an English-speaking staff working. I found the staff at the Itaewon location to be very helpful at explaining what each treatment entails, so popping into the shop would be the easiest way to find more specific information about each treatment. Here is the menu of the services offered.

The Facilities

From the LUSH shop on the main floor, walk up to the second floor where the treatment rooms are. A large wooden table with fresh flowers sits in the middle of the reception area. The massage therapist offered me a cup of herbal tea while I chose which massage bar I would like for my treatment. While she prepared the room I wandered around to check out the products they had on display. The area is designed to look like a traditional English-style farmhouse, making me feel like I wasn’t in Seoul anymore.

Each treatment room has an adjacent bathroom where you can enjoy a bath or shower before your massage. A full range of lush products are available to use and enjoy.


My lovely roommate gave me a gift certificate when she moved back to Japan. We both had a love for pampering ourselves…she gets me 🙂

“The Good Hour” is an hour-long deep tissue massage. The massage therapists are trained in the UK and spoke English well enough to make communication easy.

IMG_0242Before undressing for the massage she prepared a bath bomb to give my feet a quick soak. It was magical! Check out the steam that came out and covered the floor of the room. So cool! I think the theme of the massage was “Out on the Sea” because the music had waves crashing and seagulls. It was all fine until the sailors started singing, then it became distracting. Not my first choice in massage music.

The actual massage was so wonderful. It was a full-body, deep-tissue massage that made me feel so dreamy afterwards. I can’t remember which massage bar I chose, but it made my skin so soft afterwards. The only thing I found a bit strange with this massage was that I began lying on my back and the treatment ended with me on my stomach. Usually, the order is reversed, so I was left with some wrinkle marks on my face from being face-down on the head rest. My friend and I had a giggle afterwards.

IMG_0243 (1).jpg

When the treatment is finished I had to peel myself off the massage table, I dressed and went to the smaller, cozy lounge. The post-treatment area is in the back corner and has soft couches to relax on. My friend (who received a different treatment) and I sipped on tea and ate some cookies while comparing experiences and dreaming of which treatment to try next.

Recycle Containers

One bonus of shopping at Lush is their container recycling program. When you have saved 5 of the black product pots, you can take them into the shop to exchange for a free fresh face mask of your choosing. I just redeemed mine yesterday for “The Sacred Truth” mask. Yes, I am posting these awkward selfies 🙂


Membership Program


The membership loyalty program consists of rewarding members with badges (small pins) for their purchase. While the pins are very cute, they’re not really necessary. After asking numerous staff to explain this new membership system, I think I finally understand. While they do give you pins, having the physical badge is not necessary as you should tell them to add it to your membership account in their computer system. This is the number that is important. So, if your friend gives you badges, it won’t count towards your total as the store will not have the purchase recorded under your account. After reaching certain amounts of badges (5, 10, 20, 30, 50), you receive a discount or a chance to win a prize. (The details are still a little fuzzy for me, so maybe someone can explain it to me?)




There are two LUSH Spas in Seoul – located in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam and on Kyunglidan-gil in Yongsan-gu



6 thoughts on “LUSH Spa

  1. Hi. I’m glad to have bumped into your blog. I wanted to try Lush Spa in Itaewon too but heard it’s pricey. May I know how much is a typical massage session? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks 🙂


  2. Hi Joanna,
    I found your blog researching a bit on healthy living in Seoul. Great blog you have with good info! Especially happy about your almond milk post 🙂
    I am off for a month of Summer University in Seoul in July and was wondering what grocery stores you can recommend for buying organic produce? And do you know when the next Marche organic market will be and where?

    Kind regards
    Nanna (from Denmark)


    • Thanks Nanna! I’ll do my best to help you 🙂 For organic produce, I order from Gachi CSA. They just changed their system a bit, so I believe you have to subscribe for one month. Their site is

      Organic produce can also be found in large department stores like Emart, and the fancy ones like Shinsegae. They have a special section just for organic.

      I’m not sure when the next Marche market will be….the last one was this past Saturday, so usually they are 2 weeks apart. I find info from their Facebook page

      Hope this helps! Enjoy your time in the very hot, humid Seoul 🙂


  3. hey there!
    since I got off steroid creams I’ve been using coconut oil (for 20~30min – now down to once or twice a week) then physiogel (daily). The physiogel works great but it’s basically 100% petroleum based. do they have anything that you’d recommend?
    Thanks, eh?!


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