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The Best Facial

Ever since moving to Korea, I’ve become obsessed with skin care. I’ve never had perfect skin and still get some minor blemishes. For me, I’ve realised that treating my skin with love by applying more natural, gentle products is better than the harsh, medicated products directed towards treating acne. I’ve tried countless products, love to experiment with at-home treatments and occasionally splurge on a professional spa facial. So that’s what I want to share with you today.

The first facial I had in Seoul also turned out to be the best facial I’ve ever had…even to this day. And trust me, I’ve done the research 😉 So, I choose the Decleor Spa in Hannam-dong as my favourite spa.


From the outside, it’s unassuming and I honestly walked right past it on my first visit. The interior is dimly lit and cozy. There is one main treatment room with several beds side-by-side. There is also one private room, so maybe it has to be requested to be used?

img_4218What I love about the Decleor oils is how they are a blend of essential oils that are natural and preservative free. I have sensitive skin, so these products work well for me. Since these products are expensive to purchase, getting to have them massaged into your skin during the facial by a professional is a special treat. Other products used in the facial include lavender and oatmeal. Everything smells delicious so this is a perfect aromatherapy facial massage.

I’ve only ever had the basic facial. It’s anything but basic though. It lasts about 1.5 hours and the entire body is treated. While the various face creams and mask are applied (I lost count of how many products were used), other body treatments are performed. The list is impressive. Unlike other spas, they don’t leave you unattended while the mask is working its magic. The bonus treatments include: a hair mask and scalp massage, leg massage, chest massage, breast mask, and gentle massage for the shoulders, neck, back, and arms.  It’s a decadent experience.

I should mention that this facial may not be suitable for you if you’re a little shy about exposing your body. Before getting into the heated bed, you’ll be asked to strip down and wear a pair of disposable underwear. All of your personal belongings are placed in a zippered storage container and placed in a separate room. During the treatment, the chest will also be treated, so your breasts will be uncovered and product applied. I’m sure if you are uncomfortable with this you can ask to skip that part. Personally, I think giving some extra care to that area is wonderful. But, I’ve taken friend here before and forgot to mention the “breast treatment”. They didn’t mind, but I just thought I’d share 🙂

After the facial is finished, there is a shower room to rinse off the body oils and hair mask. I recommend just a quick rinse of the body without soap to allow the oils to soak in even longer. Then, you step into the heated change room where the facialist will apply body lotion for you, because, why not? And also the final layer of facial lotion and sun screen.

Finally, there’s a small nook to blow-dry your hair and apply makeup while sipping the tea and nibbling on the cookies provided.


The best part….The whole treatment is only 90,000 won! (at the time of writing this blog)

The address is Hyundai Liberty House 264-2 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu Seoul. It’s right at the 5-point intersection of Hannam-dong.

The owner of the spa can speak English so booking an appointment is easy by calling 02-793-6617.

I’ve never tried the other treatments offered, so if you do, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 20.00.15.png


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6 thoughts on “The Best Facial

  1. I love this article and have read it several times over the last few months! I still haven’t gone to book a facial yet though. I am going to try the Mini Fraxel at TengTeng on your recommendation this weekend though. I looked into HusHu but just can’t afford it at the moment. So it was a toss up between a laser treatment and luxury facial and thought I’d try the laser treatment as I never have before.


    • Bee, I’m so happy that I was able to recommend facial treatments to you 🙂 TengTeng’s services are excellent! When you do try the facial at the Decleor spa, let me know! it’s heavenly


  2. Hi, thank you for sharing this information 🙂 I was wondering if they do like a deep cleanse of skin, I mean get rid of blackheads etc manually or not? Also, could I bring my boyfriend with me for the treatment as well or is it ladies only place?

    Thanks in advance for your response, really enjoying your blog!


    • Hi Diana, I’m glad you found the information useful 🙂 They don’t do a deep cleansing extraction at this spa, but that didn’t bother me at all. I found it was better for my overall skin quality. If you want to go with your boyfriend, just ask ahead to see availability. I went with my bf and we were able to go together because the whole room was empty.

      For extractions, I went to HusHu in apgujeong. It was quite expensive but the spoke English and the service was exceptional. They do package deals as well, so if you go many times it could be cheaper.

      TengTeng by Sinsa station is also excellent and I highly recommend the Mini Fraxel for super smooth glowy skin.


  3. Thanks, Charissa. This place was heavenly! Acne is really complicated and the root problem of my acne wasn’t superficial. The facial definitely helped with my overall skin tone and soothed my skin. Other lifestyle changes made a bigger impact on my acne though. Diet, lifestyle and good skin care are what worked for me to clear up my acne 🙂 Kinda vague answer, I know, but I hope it was helpful.


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