The Season Table – 계절밥상

The other day my boyfriend took me to a new buffet style restaurant called 계절밥상, or in English, The Season Table. I had seen this new restaurant while in Express Bus Terminal earlier, but was hesitant to try it because I wasn’t sure if I could find enough veggie-friendly options.
I was pleasantly surprised with the selection and quality of the dishes. There was an assortment of raw vegetables, salads, and protein options for vegetarians. The philosophy of the restaurant is to serve food that is in season and fresh. You can see the staff preparing each dish in small batches, just behind the counter. Everything we tried was delicious. The only thing I wish they would consider is to use organic products. I’m not sure if they use any organic products.

IMG_7891 IMG_7889


I wish I could describe and critique each dish that I tasted, but there were just too many! My favourites were the garlic scapes, the steamed tofu, the sesame leaf-wrapped rice and the potato pancakes with veggies.

IMG_7893 IMG_7894

They also have desserts! On the weekends they have fresh 호떡 (Hotteok), which is one of my favourite Korean desserts. We enjoyed fruit, vanilla and green tea ice cream and patbingsu. For something different, you can make an ice-cream sandwich with rice cakes.IMG_7896

We ate at 계절밥상 on a weekday for lunch, and spent 14,000원 per person. Not bad considering we had a 2 hour time limit to enjoy our meal.

From the website, there are 28 locations in Seoul and surrounding cities.

And if you feel like buying some products to take home, they have a small shop at the entrance to the restaurant.onlineShop1


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